Manufacturing Business Builders,

Manufacturing businesses are facing challenges around changing regulations, a need to reduce costs through automation and the requirement to deliver goods to customers quickly all over the globe (the amazon effect).

To consolidate your position in the marketplace you need to be able to:

  • Co-ordinating an efficient supply chain process
  • Be able to analyse your customers, suppliers and inventory across the entire business in real-time
  • Be able to pivot your business to new products and regions rapidly while meeting regulations

NetSuite is built for the most ambitious manufacturing businesses in the world.

Check out the strategic and product features below.

Strategic Benefits of NetSuite for Manufacturing Businesses

  • Built for Manufacturers. Manage procurement, plan production and direct discrete manufacturing processes in one, unified platform.

  • Flexibility. Because no two businesses are the same, NetSuite offers the power and agility to support and adapt to your exact processes as they change over time.

  • Global ERP. NetSuite’s multi-language, multi-currency capabilities support your processes and global supply chain no matter where they operate.

Product Features

Dear Business Builder,

I’d love to hear more about the challenges your organisation is currently facing.

My background as a consultant means I am very passionate about building solutions that work efficiently and scale effectively.

Therefore, if you decide to jump on a 30 minute introductory call with me, my first aim is to understand your issues and offer some impartial advice.

If it makes sense for us to continue the discussions focused around Oracle NetSuite, we’ll work to understand your business model further and deliver a tailored demo of your processes.

Sound good? If so, fill in the form to the right and I’ll get back to you ASAP >>>


Karl Threadgold, Managing Director

Karl Threadgold

Managing Director
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