Your NetSuite system is a powerful platform for growth. However for highly customised environments and complex businesses, this growth needs to be managed carefully.

Strongpoint is a fully integrated bundle deployed within the NetSuite environment designed to:

  • Document your system

  • Provide risk management

  • Improve change control

  • Enhance compliance processes

If you're a NetSuite customer that has a large number of users, customisations, or perhaps you're about to undergo an IPO - have a chat with us about the value Strongpoint can add.


Celigo makes it fast and easy to connect NetSuite to other popular systems, improving every company’s ability to get the most out of NetSuite. Shorten integration implementation time and make business processes as smooth as possible with pre-built templates that even non-technical users can deploy and manage.


By connecting NetSuite to other systems, companies can extract greater value from NetSuite and operate with complete confidence that every decision made and resource allocated is based on the most accurate, up-to-date information..



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