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Leveraging Portlet Scripts for Increased Visibility

There is value in being able to see business-relevant information at the moment you log in. Having this in mind, NetSuite has designed its interface to be able to hold dashboard portlets. These portlets are intended to display real-time information in an easy-to-access and centralized location.

NetSuite allows companies to create custom dashboards that are specific to certain roles. Customized dashboards enable businesses to give attention to crucial information that is relevant to the employee.

Today, companies are free to utilize a combination of different portlet types. The most commonly used ones being:

  • Custom Searches

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • KPI Scorecards

  • KPI Meters

  • Lists

These are just some of the many available portlets which may provide valuable information to the user. Unfortunately, like most standard modules in NetSuite, this does not come without its fair share of limitations.

One of the commonly used portlet types is Custom Searches. Custom Search portlets provide users with the ability to run a saved search and display its results in their dashboard.

Certain situations require the user to run two searches.

Suppose a list of items on Purchase Orders that have back-ordered quantities on Sales Orders is needed.

To get this information, the user must run two searches. The initial search will display all the items with back-ordered quantities, and then the second search will narrow down the results to retrieve all the Purchase Orders yet to be received.

Businesses may opt to utilize Custom Portlets to achieve this feat since it allows users to run Portlet Scripts.

Portlet scripting provides users with the ability to run multiple searches and consolidate the results in one list.

There are many other business scenarios and requirements that are only achievable through portlet scripting. Fortunately, Threadgold Consulting is no stranger to this approach.

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