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The Best First Impression with Advanced PDF/HTML Templates

An excellent first impression is crucial when trying to get the other party to listen, consider, and eventually come to an agreement. Likewise, for businesses to strive, they need to be able to convert estimates into sales.

In NetSuite, the Estimate is the only transaction that interacts with a customer before an order is placed. It serves as the first impression of a possible sale. Therefore, this transaction plays a vital role in whether the deal is closed.

The question is: How do businesses increase the appeal of the Estimate record to maximize its effectivity?

Most often than not, estimates are printed out or exported as a pdf file and emailed across different personnel throughout a company. In this process, businesses can increase the appeal of the Estimate record by ensuring that the layout of the file is both organized and attractive.

When an estimate is printed or emailed, it is formatted by the PDF and HTML layouts specified on the transaction form. NetSuite has granted users the ability to decide on employing basic or advanced layouts.

Although choosing the basic layout approach sounds more convenient and less complicated, there is much value to be gained when able to leverage the advanced layouts.

Basic layouts format the file according to either a Form PDF Layout or HTML PDF Layout. These layouts offer the users minimal customization and do not allow full use of FreeMarker logic. For example, should a company require specific fields such as tax information to be shown depending on individual customer preferences, this is not possible via Basic Layout. This limitation may lead the company to choose between including the fields for all customers or removing them completely.

Advanced layouts, on the other hand, require Advanced PDF/HTML Templates. These templates allow for more customization options and support the use of FreeMarker logic. Advanced PDF/HTML Templates enable companies to customize the layout and cater to customer-specific requirements. These templates allow companies to control fully how their layouts look and behave, resulting in more desirable layouts.

In summary, to answer the question stated above: Businesses may increase the appeal of their Estimate record through the proper utilization of Advanced PDF/HTML Templates.

The same is valid with the other transaction records that associate with customers — ensuring that the layout for these records is both organized and attractive increase their effectivity.

How are your transaction record layouts? Do they meet the criteria of being both organized and attractive to your customers? Are you able to maximize the value gained from Advanced PDF/HTML Templates?

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