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Manage Data Security and Privacy with NetSuite's Personal Information Removal Feature

The rapid growth of the digital world has given unsurmountable value to businesses. It has stretched the capabilities of companies and allowed them to reach customers way beyond their borders. Technology has permitted an unparalleled connection between the consumer and the business.

Along with this accelerated growth, came the need to protect this connection by ensuring proper data security and privacy.

To perform transactions, companies collect personal information from customers and store this into their systems. Personal information is any piece of information which relates to an identified person. It can refer to any form of identification, such as the following:

  • Names / Aliases

  • Addresses

  • Contact Details

  • ID Information (e.g. Social Security number, National Insurance number)

  • Bank Details / Credit Card Details

  • Biometric Data

  • Interests, Economic Status, and Preferences

The above examples are just a few of the different types of data that can be considered personal information. It is through the process of collecting and storing this data that customers have a vulnerability. Should this information be exploited by external threats, there is no measuring the amount of damage that it can induce on the victim.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) protects against such threats. The GDPR is the primary law that regulates how companies protect EU citizen's personal data. The right to erasure, also known as 'the right to be forgotten' is one of the key regulations in the law. This article states that EU citizens may direct a controller to erase their personal data under certain circumstances.

NetSuite has considered this a security issue and has acted to address this risk. Following the rollout of the 2019.2 release is a new feature which enables users to remove personal information.

The Personal Information (PI) Removal feature is intended to help improve customers compliance with the regulation stated above. The functionality would permit users with the proper permissions to create, edit, and approve PI Removal requests. An approved PI Removal request would allow the removal of personal information from an individual form. These include the following:

  • Field Values

  • System Notes

  • Workflow history

The Personal Information Removal feature does not allow the removal of logs. However, it does allow the replacement of personal information with user-defined values.

This feature is accessible through the Personal Information Removal Request page. Alternately, a Personal Information Removal API is also made available for SuiteScript developers. The N/piremoval module would allow the creation, load, and deletion of a PI Removal task via SuiteScript.

Achieve control over data security and privacy through the proper utilization of this new feature. Increase the data protection of your customers and assist them in compliance with the regulations. Threadgold Consulting is not only adept in the NetSuite software, but also best practice security standards.

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