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Future Proof Setup with NetSuite Update 2019.2 – Dynamic URL Discovery

As of the 2019.2 release, NetSuite has allowed the support of a new format for Suitelet external URLs. The upgrade now features an account-specific domain which will appear once you have checked the Available Without Login field on the Suitelet script deployment.

The addition of this feature officially removes the External Url (Deprecated) field that held the previously supported 2019.1 Suitelet URL. The new field which displays the supported format will be labeled as External URL and will have the internal ID of externalurl.

Broken Links

This update now renders the previous format which was the generic forms.netsuite.com domain as deprecated. The deprecated format will only be supported until the 2020.1 release. This means that any hard-coded references to external URLs for Suitelets using the previous deprecated format will result in broken links.


To prevent any broken links, the best practice would be to utilize URL APIs to dynamically discover the Suitelet URL instead of hard-coding. The URL APIs now return URLs with the newly supported account-specific domains. This change affects the following SuiteScript APIs:

SuiteScript 1.0

  • nlapiResolveURL now returns an account-specific domain when you set the displayMode parameter to ‘external.’

SuiteScript 2.0

  • url.resolveScript now returns an account-specific domain when you set the options.returnExternalUrl parameter to true.

  • url.resolveDomain now returns an account-specific domain for all host types.

Ensuring that the best practice standard is implemented by the 2020.1 release is vital in preventing any complications with access or redirection to existing Suitelets. Do you require assistance in future-proofing your setup?

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