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Breaking the Communication Barrier

Here at Threadgold, we put high regard to communication as a key to achieving our clients’ and company goals. It is one of the key important factor to doing the tasks effectively and with efficiency. This core value has also been our inspiration to helping our clients reach out to their customers with the right message.

Imagine sending a customer invoice with incorrect message and information to your customers. That’ll definitely destroy the company’s image because of the incorrect information loaded in that vital document sent to your customers. Later on, it will cause the company to incur losses and finally a huge toll in its financials. Language, to name one, is playing a huge role in effective communication. If your customers’ first language isn’t English, then there’s already a big gap that could have been resolved if the document has just been sent using the customers language.

We had customized one of our client’s Customer Invoice PDF form in German Language. This enabled them to send the right message to their customers pushing timely payments from them and avoiding miscommunication. These customization also involved adherence to the standard DIN 5008 Business letter instituted by the German Institute for Standardization as a testament to German’s strict observation to rules and regulations. The standard 5008 defines the appearance of letters, information on the sender and recipient (letterhead), salutation and end of the letter (footer) as well as enumeration, highlighting, numbers, etc. (writing rules and design rules for word processing). The aim is to have a uniform design of business letters. Business correspondence is the figurehead of the company and must therefore be reader-friendly, functional, structured and clearly arranged. Here’s a snapshot of what the DIN 5008 standardization aims to achieve.

  • Simplification of business correspondence: The orientation to this principle facilitates the creation of business letters, all the components of a letter are given by the standards.

  • Corporate Identity: If a company uses DIN 5008 standardized letters within all departments, a uniform external appearance of the company (CI = corporate identity) can be guaranteed. This is important for the acceptance and recognition of the company.

  • Readability: A well-structured letter that complies with the DIN 5008 standard guarantees good readability due to the good overview and causes reader sympathy. Conversely, an unstructured document that contradicts any standard may burden or completely eliminate a potential business relationship with the recipient. The use of appropriate rules in business correspondence is therefore appropriate.

  • Processing: By standardizing the data of all letters in business transactions, these can be processed much easier and make a higher level of automation in data processing possible.

  • Professionalism: A professionally designed letter according to DIN 5008 stands out! He gives a good impression of his own company. Through a professional correspondence you increase the acceptance and the image of your company.

Threadgold thrives to provide our clients with the needed customization for their success. This has been made possible because of our highly experienced Developers who has deep understanding on Advanced PDF/HTML Templates. Do you have customers specific requirement that needs to be applied on any of your forms? Let us help you figure that out!

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