Can We All Be Part Timers?

Is the 4 day working week the way forward? 

Having to work one day less a week, sounds desirable doesn’t it. Ending up in the state of a permanent long weekend, sure it is something that most people would want. 

It has been suggested that this could be the natural progression as the job retention scheme ends and more people in the UK are now working from home than ever before, with figures currently standing at around 46.6%of people in employment doing some of their work from home, with the vast majority (86.0%) of these homeworkers stating that this was because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It's been flighted that a 4 day working week could create up to half a million new jobs and limit the impact to the jobs market after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The 4 day working week has been trialled with some great success. Microsoft Japan trialled this and found it led to a 40% increase in productivity. The Henley business school also found this and that it can save businesses money due to the increase in productivity and less sick leave being taken. However there are also some negatives to the potential of having a 4 day working week. It can lead to longer shifts as employers aim to get the same amount of work carried out by their employees throughout the week but spread out over less days throughout the working week. 

Hopefully this something which will be rolled out more widely as we recover from the pandemic!

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