Covid 19 and the AI Dream

Here at Threadgold we’re massive advocates of the growing use of Artificial Intelligence. We see on a day to day basis the positive change which these technologies bring to our clients. They can be used for a wide range of purposes. We’ve had a look at some of the interesting ways AI can help during the ongoing pandemic  

  1. Rapid Testing AI can be used to help speed up testing for COVID-19. Researchers at The University of Oxford have created an AI test which can rapidly screen for COVID-19. It gives a real time prediction of a patient's COVID status using its algorithm formulated with the data of over 115,000 patients admitted to Accident and Emergency departments  during the ongoing Pandemic. This can then help hospitals to isolate those with COVID more quickly and in turn  prevent internal outbreaks.

  2. Reduce Mortality rates Researchers at Hospital Clinic Barcelona have created an AI solution which can help reduce the mortality rates of COVID-19 patients. It analyzes over a trillion automated data points from COVID patients, helping to provide more timely interventions and personalised treatments for those with severe COVID. As a result by using this system the hospital has seen a 50% reduction in mortality rates.

  3. Increase the Safety of travel Elenium Automation in conjunction with Amazon web services have built on Elenium’s pre-existing touchless self check in kiosk to use at airports. The system is controlled using a hands free screen via body movements and voice recognition software. The recent developments have upgraded the kiosk to be able to monitor for symptoms of the virus by being able to check a passengers temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate as they are checking in to their flight.   As a result potentially infected passengers are able to isolate and not spread infection.

  4. Help aid economic recovery and boost market growth At a time where many businesses have suffered financial loss with many redundancies and workers furloughed, AI is one of the few sectors which has continued to grow, as demonstrated by its many uses in the pandemic. Technavio estimates that market growth across the AI sector is likely to increase compared to 2019. We have seen this ourselves with our partner Sidetrade recording record sales figures in the last quarter.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick read, if you are looking to implement financial AI systems within your business feel free to contact us using the tab in the top right hand corner.

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