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Customize your report like a pro!

Reports are undeniably an important tool that gears the business forward in tracking and analyzing performance and overall business health. These reports give the company a clear view of their core business functions while providing an opportunity to improve and make market gains. These reports may vary depending on the nature and the needs of the business.

Reports are valuable for critically analyzing financial reports, performance reports, and areas in which the business is doing well or poorly. This is also showing performance across quarters and for the entire year, in the case of annual reports. Watching performance trends allows for the company to set benchmarks and goals. This takes the annual revenue goal and breaks it down into more digestible benchmarks. Lastly, reports help business leaders plan and make strategic decisions. They use the data to back their decisions and to justify each move made. Reports can influence hiring, firing, new product development, the elimination of entire departments and adaptable measures made to ensure that the business survives and thrives in the future.

NetSuite provides a variety of customization options to make sure that the reports the business is viewing are understandable, concise and fit for their business needs. You can use the Report Builder to customize the most standard and ad hoc reports. NetSuite also provides a specialized Financial Report Builder that you can use to customize financial statements only. You can modify the look of a report and the information it presents, to meet your specific needs. The Report Builder's WYSIWYG format lets you view the changes you have made before saving the report. You then can run the saved report at any time to quickly access the information you need in the format that is most useful to you.

To edit a report in the Report Builder, you can: click the report's Customize link on the Reports page, click the Customize button on the report page itself, or for ad hoc reports, click the More Customization button on the new report definition page. These links appear only if you have permission to customize reports. Be aware that in some cases, a Customize link may appear when you do not have permission to customize a report. On the Report Builder pages, you can edit the default columns, filter, and sorting options applied to the report. You can define new options to apply to the report. If you choose to save and share your custom report, you can define the audience of users that are allowed access to your report. Available customization options depend on the report you choose to customize, your role, the permissions for that role, and the features enabled in your account.

Here at Threadgold, we have a wide experience in Customizing native reports that will surely lead your business to make the right decisions. Not only that, we can even conduct training

for you and your colleagues to make sure that simple report customizations can easily be done by anybody.

What reports are you needing today? Let’s talk and make that happen now! Reach us at hello@threadgoldconsulting.com.

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