Google Hold for Me

Google has launched this week it's Hold for Me assistant. When you’re put on hold the google assistant will wait until someone is able to talk to you, so you don’t have to spend hours listening to telephone music. The AI detects the hold music and then notifies you once it has finished and someone has picked up the phone. Allowing you to get on with anything else you have to do. 

Time magazine estimates that the average customer spends 13 hours each year on hold. Furthermore, 86% of customers report being put on hold every time that they call a business. With this new technology being rolled out we can reclaim our time and waste less of the working day waiting on hold. 

This technology is not only beneficial to customers but also to companies. The average customer in the UK hangs up when on hold after just 15 minutes. Additionally companies are 4 times more likely to lose customers to poor service than price. If customers don’t have to sit and wait on hold but are just notified when someone is able to talk to them then it is likely they’ll feel less disgruntled about waiting due to a more efficient service being in place. 

We look forward to this technology being more widely rolled out as it is currently only available in the US.

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