Meet The Team: Part 1

We'd love for you to meet some of our amazing team here at Threadgold, and put a face to the brand.

Meet Gian Diaz, one of our Technical Consultants! Gian is a new member of the team

having been with the company for a few weeks. He enjoys the projects which we work on as they are interesting and exciting. Also he finds his colleagues amazing to work with. He’s always been interested in the NetSuite consultancy business, and Threadgold provided him the opportunity to get into it. He has Information Technology (BSc) from De La Salle University in The Philippines. In his spare time he enjoys Playing video games and listening to music.

This is Ralph Romulus Arias

Frondoza who has been with the company for 2 months taking care of our business development. He came to work for Threadgold due to the exposure to the FinTech industry, industry, AI, and its business value in this pandemic. His favourite thing about working here are the people. Ralph is currently finishing his Masters in International Studies at the University of the Philippines.  In his spare time Ralph enjoys studying, any Physical Activity including; football, swimming and working out. He also likes binge watching television, playing with his dog and spending time with his 10-month old niece.

Introducing Fernito Gavnoni V. Llanita who is a new starter at Threadgold as a NetSuite Technical Consultant. He’s always wanted an exceptional work environment where he can learn, where he’s valued  and can be himself. To Fernito Threadgold is more than just work, it is family. He’s BSc Information Technology at De La Salle University in the Philippines. In his spare time he enjoys going on runs outside and exercising. 

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