Meet the Team: Part 3

This is Cristel Balazuela who has worked for the team as a Senior NetSuite Functional Consultant for 18 months. Her favourite thing about working here is that she finds Threadgold has the most generous leader and dynamic team.

Everyone is so accommodating and friendly.  Having been the only girl in the team has not proved to be a disadvantage and everyone gets along. She wanted to work here as she  was looking to be part of something bigger, where she can truly say that she contributed something. Threadgold was the perfect place. Since the team is small, everyone participates in everything. It can be a bit exhausting of course but she found it was all worth it! Cristel has a BSc in Accountancy. In her spare time she loves cooking! She takes her coffee very seriously. She plays video games in between shifts to keep her going when she’s a bit overwhelmed. She also has a personal blog where she posts horror movies she’s watched.

Meet Ellie who’s been with us a month as our Marketing executive. Ellie’s favourite thing about working here is the supportiveness of the team, particularly with ideas

for content generation for the blog and the flexibility of working at Threadgold.  She wanted to work for Threadgold to get experience working in a Marketing role, having graduated from the University of East Anglia last year studying BSc Management and Marketing. In her downtime Ellie Enjoys going out for food and drinks with the girls.

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