Spring forward in light of falling back!

It has now reached arguably one of the most bleak parts of the year. The time when the clocks change with us now operating on Daylight Saving Time. This coupled with the second national lockdown starting later on this week and ever changing restrictions makes this time of year seem somewhat more difficult than usual here’s some pointers as to how to stay motivated and energized during a challenging season.

Exercising is something which we can all start the day with to get us up and going and there’s something out there to float everyone's boat with free online videos in everything from HIIT workouts to Zumba and yoga. If you’d rather head out and venture outdoors why not find a friend to do an outdoor workout with so you can encourage and motivate each other to workout. If you’re new to working out and want a goal to work towards why not try the couch to 5k app which allows you to build up to running 5k over the course of 10 weeks.

If you’d rather not go running you can still enjoy time outside. Which is crucial during times when there is less light in the days. Make the most of the daylight which we have by going on walks when it's sunny and light outside. Being out in the sunshine will assist in you feeling positive as it increases our levels of serotonin. Despite us heading back in to lock down you can still meet with one person outside of your household outside in a public space. So why not head down to the park with a friend and go on a walk. Not only is it a much needed chance to escape the house and work from home, it's also a great way of exercising while you do it.

Together we can get through this tough time!

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