‘Today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow you want’

Often it is far too easy to get caught up in the trap of delaying things which we would like to do as we are afraid or simply can't be bothered. As we move towards Autumn and the nights draw in quicker it can feel as though the days are getting and shorter and we have less time to truly accomplish what we have set out to do. 

We tend to push tasks which we may find challenging to the back of our minds or believe they can wait till tomorrow. Fundamentally tomorrow never comes and these tasks end up uncompleted. As we move into a new season we should look at the positives and set out our goals for the coming weeks and months. Autumn is a time for change where we can reflect on the progress which we have made so far this year and how much further we can go in the remaining months. 

This year in particular it may feel as though it has been difficult to focus on the tasks that we have wanted to achieve due to the COVID-19 crisis, with a lockdown earlier on in the year and ongoing restrictions carrying on into the new year it may seem demotivating at times.  Scrolling through social media earlier I came across a quote ‘today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow you want’.

This is something which I could resonate with. It reminded me of the phrase Carpe Diem, which in Latin ‘seize the day’. We should get up and aim to make the most of everyday, positive change does not come about overnight. It is a gradual process which we have to build on part by part, by starting to work towards our goals today we can get ahead and move closer towards them tomorrow.

You may find yourself stuck in a rut finding it difficult to motivate yourself, but making just a small amount of change we really can make a difference. Try dedicating 30 minutes of your day towards learning a new skill, improving your fitness or helping out in the local community this in turn will have a positive impact on your mindset and give you some time to escape from your usual work routine and make time for yourself. 

No matter how much you think it won’t make a difference, just giving a small part of each day starting from today, over time will add up and could help to create what you’ve always strived for.

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