Sidetrade - The world's most innovative AI accounts receivable software

Before SidetradeUnstructured cash collection, high DSO and bad debt, little visibility of your team and receivables, and people are stressed. 

After SidetradeAccelerated cash collection, AI driven automation, deep customer insights, and a sense of calm sets in.

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Do These Issues Apply To Your Accounts Receivable Function?

Lack of intelligent automation and inefficient manual tasks

Lack of control and visibility making it hard to scale

Higher than expected DSO and Bad Debt 

Minimal understanding of customer payment behaviour 

There's a better way of working.

Sidetrade provides an accounts receivables solution driven by Artificial Intelligence, enabling you to take control of your collections function and gain deep insights into your customer's payment behaviour.


Step 1 - Requirements

We'll take the time to understand your current processes, collections team setup and company structure to design the solution to fit your business. Our understanding of your business will mean you get the most out of the software in the shortest amount of time.

Step 2 - Integration

We'll work with you to perform extracts from your accounting system(s), this will form the basis of our integration with Sidetrade. We have many pre-built templates from experience across many different ERPs - This will ensure seamless movement of transactions, saving you time and effort.


Step 3 - Go Live

We'll ensure a successful go-live through supporting testing and training of the full solution. The software is intuitive to use and will add value from day one.

This process can be completed in just 1 week!

Instant Benefits

Cutting edge AI techniques to automate accounts receivable

Deep insights into your customer's payment behaviour

Complete control and visibility

What happens during the product tour?

  • A discussion on the setup of your business and future goals

  • Business case creation and the typical ROI of Sidetrade

  • Description of a typical project and the functionality of Sidetrade

Transforming Market Leaders

"Sidetrade supports Nespresso in the pursuit of its customer experience excellence."

Jean-Michel Cecconi

Administrative and Financial Director
 Nespresso France

"We benefitted from Sidetrade’s expertise in managing Accounts Receivable and were able to identify new opportunities for generating cash."

Patrick Van Damme

Billing and Collections Manager
Manpower Belgium

Addressing common pitfalls within your receivables function will improve cashflow within the business that can be invested into other projects. We've regularly seen Sidetrade used as a platform for growth within ambitious businesses.


Check out our guide on the most cutting edge AI techniques being used within cash collection currently.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this kind of solution extremely expensive?

Sidetrade is a SaaS software and can be scaled from enterprise right down to smaller SME customers. The ROI of the product can be measured accurately and is guaranteed to add value to your organisation.

2. Implementing this sort of solution takes a long time?

The solution can be up and running in as quickly as one week. The solutions adds value from day 1 due to the deep functionality within the software and the data lake of millions of transactions Sidetrade can pull insights from.

3. Artificial intelligence is a buzzword, will it generate any value?


The value of Artificial Intelligence is in the underlying data we are pulling from. Sidetrade has a Data Lake of millions of transactions captured across 20 years. The software is driving huge reductions in DSO and giving businesses incredible insights into their receivables function.

Karl Threadgold


Threadgold Consulting

I'm a qualified accountant and have spent years working as a professional services consultant and project manager on projects within the ERP sector. I have a real drive to deliver valuable and effective solutions for clients. My passion for disruptive technologies has led to the partnership with Sidetrade, the goal is to transform the way businesses collect cash.


Our dedicated professional services team of qualified accountants and expert technologists will ensure your project is delivered successfully. We've worked across many industries, company sizes and locations across the world and are able to adapt our approach based on your needs.

Reach out for a chat, I'd love to walk through your systems architecture with you and offer some insights into the potential value of a solution like Sidetrade.


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