Sidetrade provides the best AI technologies to drive the customer relationship,
grow the business and generate cash flow.

Sidetrade Augmented Collection, powered by Aimie, allows you to automate your cash collection process and delivers actionable insights so you can be 50% more efficient.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Aimie analyzes your invoices, successful dunning actions, and your customer payment patterns along with insights from 230+ million payment behaviors and 40+ million dunning actions held within the Sidetrade database. Based on this learning, Aimie recommends the best collection approaches to your team, taking into consideration your available resources and those actions with the highest probability of success.

Aimie empowers your cash collectors by automating as many actions as possible, enabling them to focus on tasks that add the greatest value. Augmented Collection represents a new era in collections, replacing traditional workflows with data-driven actions derived from predictive analytics. This drives a level of automation that finance teams have struggled to achieve until now.

Our Partnership

We are the first UK  partner of Sidetrade, this strategic partnership was born out of a desire to:

  • Being an ERP agnostic product, give access to disruptive technologies for all SME businesses

  • Create a seamless integration between the products, enabling NetSuite/Sidetrade customers to utilise best of breed tools in a variety of areas of their business

  • Address strategic gaps in the NetSuite platform around AI/automating the accounts receivable function

Our Services

If you're considering transforming your Order to Cash​ process, reach out to us to discuss your options. We're able to advise on the best solution for you and carry out the implementation and post go-live support. 

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